I reside and blog from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I have a Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary and am a full-time Director of Youth & Family Faith Formation at an Evangelical Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN. I also work part-time as a senior in-home caregiver. Politically independent / progressive – I served proudly as a Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign volunteer. INTJ, Enneagram 1. Strengths Finders: Achiever, Learner, Input, Intellection, Connectivity. I live with my partner in South Minneapolis and our two puppies, Romeo Oreo and Baxter.

Here’s some other things it would be helpful if you knew about me. I have a Bachelors of Arts in speech communication with an emphasis in radio TV and film from the University Wisconsin Whitewater. My minor was in print journalism and so topics of public relations, the media, and politics influence a lot of my thought because of my degree in speech writing. 

I also worked seven years in retail management selling office supplies and I haven’t gotten over the better feeling those years left me with. šŸ˜

I don’t own even one single dress. I wear baseball hats, a lot. I’m the youngest of five kids but most of my family members aren’t speaking to one another and haven’t for years. 

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