Liberation Theology – thoughts from H Nouwen

In the forward to “We Drink from Our Own Wells” by Gustavo Gutierrez, Henri Nouwen says that Gustavo highlighted several words that speak to the new spirituality in liberation theology.

Conversion (part of a process of solidarity with the poor & oppressed)

Gratuity (climate of fruitful work for liberation)

Joy (victory over suffering)

Spiritual childhood (condition of commitment to the poor)

Community (gift born out of common experience of the dark night of injustice)

He says, “This freedom to love is the freedom to which many Latin Americans dedicate their lives. The great paradox is that we North Americans, who have the word ‘freedom’ written all over our history books, are now being challenged to learn the full meaning of freedom from our oppressed brothers and sisters in the South. In the free world of the United States, where most of the world’s wealth is concentrated, spiritual freedom is often hard to find. Many Christians in the North are imprisoned by their fears and guilt. They have more than they need but less freedom than their fellow Christians in Latin America who are struggling hard to survive.”

p. xx “We Drink from Our Own Wells” by Gustavo Gutierrez, Twelfth printing 2000.


“Youth sports are a $15 billion business that has grown by 55 percent since just 2010. ” Another complaining blog post

I was never really tempted to have children. So with that caveat, of course it is very easy for me to be critical of all the brave ones who …had children.

That said, this [blog post by someone else] says, “A Johns Hopkins study this summer found that the typical 19-year-old is as sedentary as a 65-year-old. The Army is worried that its recruits don’t know how to skip or do somersaults.”

I don’t doubt it for a minute. We’ve overprotected at least a generation of kids. It bothers me a lot – I can see the [negative] affects of it as a youth worker. The rise in mental illness, for starters.

Read the article, “THE FRAGILE GENERATION.”

So this author has started the Let Grow Foundation – the website to which looks at least a decade old (whatevs) and I’m interested to see how they going to do their project.

Sometimes observing the rat-race from outside of the maze, I can laugh or shake my head. Many days I become numb to it and look the other way. Lately, I’ve been disturbed to the point of anger. I’m not interested as much in safe kids as I am in brave ones, who take risks and make sacrifices. Who are taught to lead and pioneer. I know the role of parenting is the hardest job on the planet (and the pay SUCKS).

I wonder what churches can do to make any difference at all. I’m mad I don’t have that answer.