Your pursuit of Bannon’s outster reminds me of the abused wife who thinks there’s one more thing she can do to change her alcoholic spouse.

Guys. What are you going to do when John Kelly fires Steve Bannon and Trump is still an a-hole?

You sound like the mother of children I knew who swore to me she believed that if she just tried wearing a little more make up; if she just lost 10 pounds; if she had a nice dinner ready for him when he comes home from work with the table set with flowers and new place-mats that maybe this week he’d just go after her instead of hitting the children… this time… Maybe this would be the week he wouldn’t have “that extra work meeting” after hours and then come home smelling of booze and cheap perfume…

Guys. It’s not Steve Bannon. It’s Trump. You need to leave that soul-less racist and admit to yourself that your dream of a “greater America” came with the price of the destruction of our constitution, the mockery of law and order, and the promotion of ideal-less ideals that say brown-skinned people are less-than.

I’m of the belief Bannon might have a few more days or weeks in him. Regardless, when he leaves, you’ll find your angry raging Presidential Spouse is still your addiction, your empty promise, and he’s still coming for your kids as well as you. Call for his resignation. Leave him. You’ll feel the weight of death come off your shoulders being replaced with the weight of rebuilding ahead.

If you need help, listen to a pro:

Bill Moyers on The Last Word

Post-Script: I literally hit “publish” on this post to find that Bannon’s out.