Trying so hard to get over my Trump addiction. How many days have I been “sober” ?


Currently, my Twitter profile says that I was born with a chip on my shoulder & a tin foil hat on my head. I change the bio often, but this one just feels right for now.

I use Twitter primarily for me – to vent, re-tweet, and see/know that I am NOT alone in my feelings. Virtually anyone using Twitter can curate their experience to feel the same. But it’s cheaper than talk-therapy which I can no longer afford (and which never worked well for me).

After the Comey hearing was over, almost to the minute of the conclusion, that morning, I felt something pop in my spirit. I could feel the “fed-up” and sense that my hopes for quick-change were bursting and the despair was coming. Nothing’s going to be different, I thought. We are not represented in Washington, I thought. Neither the dems nor the GOP are leading. Social media and cable news have ruined everything, I thought.

So I’ve been trying to back off. My nightly habit of watching DVR’d 3PM Jake Tapper, the 7PM Chris Hayes, the 8PM Rachel Maddow, & the 9PM Lawrence O’Donnel have kind of slipped. I have been engrossed in a non-political podcast: “S-TOWN” which I highly recommend. But the seven episodes didn’t last long and I’ve had to find another, which sounds real good so far.

I tried to watch Jeff Sessions yesterday. Another train wreck. If you’re pro-trump it was your favorite day. He even yelled! If you’re anti-trump you heard all sorts of different things from the pro-trump people. I came away from that one thinking, there’s nothing to any of this. It’s just that we have a mad-man at the helm and we are trying to understand him as healthy and normal but he’s not. He’s sick, twisted, and no one can stop him.

I tried to plant flowers and vegetables. They take so long to grow. I got some special pest spray because my basil leaves started having little black dots on them. Sprayed those. That took maybe 15 minutes to do. Then it rained a few days so I couldn’t be out there looking at them. And our air conditioning never started up this year so I’m cranky about that with high humidity. I try to read other books or magazines to get my mind off politics.

I’ll refresh the news feeds and see what’s trending. Make sure the world isn’t burning down.

How are you staying real these days? How do you look away?