We were ATTACKED. All business needs to stop.

Last year, the American people and the nation we love was attacked by an enemy foreign power. Why does business go on in Washington like it’s no big deal?

Imagine if we were physically attacked in November. Imagine bombs exploding, let’s say destroying large parts of Washington D.C. We’d still be driving around the rubble today and we would have probably declared war.

In perhaps an even worse way than a physical attack, the very nature of our democracy, our sacred voting process, was tampered with. This isn’t undisputed. 17 intelligence agencies agree. If we don’t have an independent voting process, free from foreign interference, to elect our leaders, we do not have a democracy. Period.

I understand partisan divides. It’s human nature. But this should not be partisan. 

Trump fired Director Comey, despite the reasons he lied about, because of the Russian interference. There is no other intelligent way to view what happened. There needs to be bi-partisan calls for immediate action. Even a special prosecutor (or independent counsel or whatever term you want) will take years. That would be a nice start, but it’s not even enough right now. The Senate needs to act. Democrats should form a blockade and refuse to do business until there are immediate answers about this firing.

Call your legislators today.