We saved others, will they help us save ourselves? #FightAndWrite

Well this one should hurt – I hope our leaders are listening. It hurts me to read it.

Der Spigel, a German publication is now calling for the world to band together against the USA because of President Trump.

For over two centuries we were the world’s protector and now it is my prayer that outside voices will come to save us, since our own politicians seem hell-bent on destroying us from within.

This is not a long article, and because I’m apt to tweet just about everything I read and enjoy, I wanted to call this one out, especially because it’s non-American in origin.

The writer says…

It is literally painful to write this sentence, but the president of the United States is a pathological liar. The president of the U.S. is a racist (it also hurts to write this). He is attempting a coup from the top; he wants to establish an illiberal democracy, or worse; he wants to undermine the balance of power. He fired an acting attorney general who held a differing opinion from his own and accused her of “betrayal.” This is the vocabulary used by Nero, the emperor and destroyer of Rome. It is the way tyrants think.


Trump fuses these worries of his voters with nationalism and xenophobia. That’s how demagogues work and it is how they become effective. The fact that the United States, a nuclear superpower that has dominated the world economically, militarily and culturally for decades, is now presenting itself as the victim, calling in all seriousness for “America first” and trying to force the rest of the world into humiliating concessions is absurd. But precisely because this nonsense is coming from the world’s most powerful man, it is getting trapped by him.

Until Feb. 18, I’m using the hashtag #FightAndWrite as part of a campaign to stand up against Trump. Read more about it here.


Dare to believe there is good in the world – for example, a lady gave me this cookie #FightAndWrite


On Friday when I was at one of the senior centers for my part-time job as a caregiver, I was sulking privately because I had just received some bad news about an “adventure” I had attempted (kind of like when you find out the dream job you applied for didn’t come through).

The lady I was there to visit was snoozing and I was watching television and in my mind just frustrated with so many things when out of the corner of my eye I saw a little lady zeroing in on me and walking towards me.

She took interest in my little knitting project and struck up a conversation, to which I can admit I was faking my way through, because of my disappointment in the other thing.

And then she said “Here is a cookie I got for you.”

I said, “Oh no no, that’s your cookie, no thank you.”

And she said, “No, I got this cookie for you. I see you sitting here with her [the sleeping resident] and I know how hard you all work and I just wanted to do something nice for you today so here is a cookie. It’s fresh baked.”

So of course I accepted the gift and thanked her and told her how much it means to me. This little surprise probably means nothing to most people but it was a reminder of good in this world for yet another day.

So if you need the sweetness of something unexpected and good, know I prayed for you today to have someone bring it to you!

   Through Feb. 18, I’m participating in a National Write Out. Read more here.