I made what was supposed to be a small lap blanket into a huge queen-size bedspread in 16 days #FightAndWrite

During Christmas when I went home to visit my mom, I started wondering if I would branch out from my normal winter knitting and crochet of scarfs into an afghan. I don’t know what an afghan is. If I had to guess, I would say it’s a lap blanket?

Well I can’t follow a pattern, and I figure a blanket is just one huge scarf. And even if I could follow a pattern, I did not want anything I’d have to count and keep track of. So I literally googled “Easiest Afghan Pattern” and was led to this site:

World’s Easiest Afghan

After New Years, I got the itch, so I decided to make one and went to three different yarn stores to find something that looked study and warm. I found Lion Brand pound of love and picked out the grey, white, and yellow. Off I went.

If you’ve followed my blogs, you know I have concerns about the direction of the United States, and that those concerns got worse with the election of President Trump. You also may know that I’m an active Twitter user and maybe from that could guess that if I’m at home, I watch a lot of cable news (now that the Hallmark Christmas movie season is over) and could probably use something else to do while I obsess over my worries.

So I grabbed my “L” sized crochet hook and got to work.

Because I didn’t know what I was doing when I started it, I started it waaaay too big. I made up the stripe pattern and here we have it.

In 16 days this was done and it’s nice and warm. I love it. It’s my anti-Trump blanket. Also, it kind of looks like scrambled eggs.

Do you know about the National Write Out? You should contribute!


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