The general population should pay attention to how the GOP is feeling today. Because they didn’t think Trump would win. So when he wins the general, we’ll all be saying, but it wasn’t supposed to happen…………

The general population should pay attention to how the GOP is feeling today (the day after Nevada). Because they didn’t think Trump would win. They laughed at it, they mocked it, they repeated his hateful speech back at him as he climbed in polls and votes.

So when he wins the general, we’ll all be saying, but it wasn’t supposed to happen………… But it will happen if dems pick Hillary for their nominee. She’ll be easy for Trump to beat in a general when he starts throwing her past trash all over the headlines. She’ll look compromised and the bully of bulliers will win.

Instead, what needs to happen is the media needs to reign all this back in. It’s all our fault; it was entertaining but it’s not funny anymore. We need at least one media outlet to say “As a matter of national security, we will no longer be giving interviews to Donald Trump. We will no longer be his free advertising vehicle. If he wants to run ads, he can well afford it, and we will take his money.”

But no one is really fooled. The media would love for him to win – four or eight more years of constant buzz would be a boon.


Sanders explains again, Democratic Socialism.

This is from the transcript of the 2/18 Las Vegas MSNBC Town Hall. I post it mainly because I was looking for the exact quote, because that evening before this event, I had tweeted something about how we already have many forms of socialism in place, tho the word makes many people nervous. I do understand that words carry power. But so do definitions. Stop and think.

DIAZ-BALART: But, Senator, you have often talked of the need for a political revolution in the United States.


DIAZ-BALART: You’re a democratic socialist. When — when some Latinos hear those words, they think Venezuela and Cuba, Chavez and the Castro brothers, 57 years of dictatorship.

Talk to the people who escaped those regimes today and hear you use those words and wonder exactly…


DIAZ-BALART: — what you have in mind.

SANDERS: Sure. When I talk about democratic socialist, you know what I’m talking about?

Social Security, one of the most popular and important programs in this country, developed by FDR to give dignity and security to seniors. And it has been enormously successful at reducing poverty among seniors.

When I talk about democratic socialist, I am talking about Medicare, a single payer health care system for the elderly. And in my view, we should expand that concept to all people. I believe that everybody in this country should be entitled to health care as a right. And the most effective way to do it is through a Medicare for All single payer program.

When I talk about democratic socialist, I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden.

And you know what goes on in those countries?

All of the kids who have the ability and desire go to college.

And you know how much it costs?

It is free. They have child care systems which are outstanding. They have public educational systems which are extremely strong. The retirement benefits for their elderly much better than they are in the United States.

The bottom line is, when I talk about democratic socialist, what I mean is moving away from where we are right now. As a member of the Senate, let me break the bad news to all of you. We have a Congress right now which is dominated by Wall Street and big money interests.

The members of Congress are not worried about the people making nine bucks an hour. They’re not worried about the kids who can’t afford to go to college. They’re not worried about people who have no health insurance.

That’s not their worry. Their worry is getting campaign contributions from very, very wealthy people and providing tax breaks for those who don’t need it.


SANDERS: So in one sense, Jose, we’re not talking about Venezuela, we’re not talking about Cuba. We are talking about the concept, which I don’t think is a radical idea, of having a government which works to represent the needs of the middle class and working families rather than just the top 1 percent.

I used to buy Libertarian and non-interventionist economics but this is why I support Bernie.

The wealth simply does not trickle down. It needs help to trickle down.

I’m 40 years old with $109K in student debt from grad school. I will never in my lifetime have any chance of paying that off. With the burden eased (sort of falsely if I may say so) by Income-Based Repayment (thank you, Obama) it doesn’t bite the largest chunk out of my monthly earnings, but still. I will not be able to sock wealth away for retirement, vacations, pleasure, and the thing that hurts me most is giving it away charitably.

I used to listen to GOP rhetoric that if you were nice to the rich and promoted business they would pay you pack nicely. It just has not worked that way. In fact, something truly evil is going on. And it must be stopped.

I am a normal healthy 40 year old person. I work full-time for a church and i work a part time job (averaging about 20 hrs a week) doing companionship-based senior care. I also own a home that I am renting out to a married couple in grad-school, hoping to get some money out of it because to sell it right now would be at a loss financially. My two jobs allow me to meet with people of various ages, abilities, and situations. There are members of my church who make millions, and members who receive groceries at the food shelf. Working two jobs does not put me ahead. I can’t save money -it goes to bills each month. I watch peers, colleagues and acquaintances go on vacations each year knowing that will never be me. If I was even able to take a vacation, it would be spent earning money at my part time job. Unless I wanted to put it on my Discover card, as i usually have to each month with some bill or other. This is the normal story of most people in the “middle” class if there even is such a thing.

I read this article today and urge you to read it too. And then do something about it. We can change this.