Obligatory “I’ll Blog More” New Years Eve Post


Need to lose weight. Need to read more good books. Need to exercise more. Need to spend more time with my puppy. Need to set a tighter budget. Need to volunteer more – or at all. Need to save more money. Need to watch what I eat (and not just as i eat more…) Need to have a resolution to do these things. Need to study the Bible more. Need to be more hip on social media. Need to consider a career change. Need to call home more often. Need to learn Spanish if I’m going to lead a trip to Guatemala in 2017. Need to get summer things lined up for the youth ministry. Need to finally decorate the house we bought. Need to maybe cut my hair short. Need to blog more…

Two years ago on January 4, I had just returned back to Minnesota from Wisconsin where my dad had his left leg amputated. A leg. Cut off. Think about it. Just a few weeks earlier I had made the daring choice to meet a rescue dog, Baxter, and had contemplated all during that winter break if I could adjust my life to being a dog owner. I was living on my own at the time. On January 4, I brought Baxter home and my life has never been the same. It was kind of like he just showed up in my life via petfinder.com and I just had to have him. Had to. Life adjusted itself. He became my world. There’s no amount of love i could ever conjure up to match his unconditional love for me.

All my / our need-tos this year probably sound like last year’s prayer list. Need to lose weight. Need to call home more often… There’s hope mixed with fear. There’s fond memories and stuff you never ever want to have to think of that you’re leaving behind in 2015.

My prayer for 2016 is that I’d lead a life that is open to God’s surprises like I was when I allowed little Baxter to break open my heart. We rarely plan for the best stuff we get. The weight will always need to be lost. The event planning and budgeting will always be there. Jesus comes to me in the surprising ways that make me shake my head. I’ll be setting goals, I’ll be achieving and the voice of hope will burst on the scene with “I am here! Take heart!”

Thank God.