Whatever the odds are for Bernie Sanders becoming president, the odds that Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden would, as president, seriously address the issues that the Democratic rank-and-file care about are much longer.

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Not Love but Hope

Go away, Byron. Go away. Now. At once. Leave this place forever, this terrible place, this terrible, terrible place. I can read you. You will tell me that you have just learned love; I will tell you that you have just learned hope. That’s all; hope. The object does not matter, not to the hope, not even to you.

-W.Faulkner Light in August p. 315

I’ve been bothered – and wondering why the trend in creating so many human labels?


It’s exhausting. A person can’t just be gay or straight anymore. You can’t just be a female or a male. I use this Gender Unicorn in one of my retreat workshops on human sexuality and then i find out there’s probably a billion more categories of sexuality and i want to scream, “KNOCK IT OFF!”

It only continues. Turn to other news and it’s all about race, and if you don’t support one cause or protest in your city that’s blocking entrance to the state fair, you’re obviously a white supremacist and a racist. Expletive deleted.

As a youth minister, I want people to see and feel themselves created in the beautiful, mysterious, tragic, blossoming image of God. In all of it’s diversity and color. At the same time, I pray for people to be others-focused, Christ-centered, and permeated with humility.

In our image-driven selfie-generating culture, we’ve all bought into the labels and easy stereotypes. It’s not just teens. Adults and all people want to be unique. And at the same time we all want to fit in and belong. We’re dying to fit in and belong. That’s why we (me too) create profiles and pick out the images that we want others to think represent us.

Generation Me: The Millennial Generation’s obsession with being unique

This article about “Generation Me” is two years old but it helped me start to answer some of my questions and frustrations. How can the gospel of Jesus Christ help us fight against the SIN of narcissism? How can the gospel of Jesus Christ help us turn from an unhealthy obsession with self and self-definition to wanting to live sacrificially for the other, without becoming otherwise obsessed with labeling “otherness” ?

Jesus didn’t necessarily refuse labels – but he helped all people transcend them, if they desired. He gave them a NEW commandment – to love. Loving even beyond labels, in spite of them. He actually commanded them to live under a new label: disciple. Lover. No?