Upside Down Kingdom Adventure


In just a few days I’m leading a Youthworks mission trip for my youth group. I’ve done trips with them before, but none of the other 5 adults or 24 teens have. We’re going to Wind River, Wyoming – to an American Indian reservation. And including me, none of us have been on a reservation before.

Today i spent several hours repackaging tons of snack donations that the congregation has given us. We raised over $7,000 to offset students’ costs, and to say this is a leap of faith for several of them really would not be overstating it. I’m so excited.

This year’s theme is Upside Down Kingdom – Taken from Matthew 6 where Jesus is teaching his disciples to pray for God’s reign, which doesn’t ever look like we expect it. That’s kind of where my planning and organizing and repacking ends. It’s been several years since i took teens on a mission trip – and I know we’ll all leave the church parking lot with butterflies in our tummies… and the adults will hopefully have stamina for a 14+ hour drive over 2 days. We’re basically packed and ready to go and I feel the Spirit stirring to not only lead kids to Jesus but to go with purposeful expectation that God is doing a good work and we get to join up.

My prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, you accompany us on the wildest adventures, the boring-est of days and the newest of climbs into a world unknown. I worship and praise you for choosing this team at this time to go to this place. Fill us to overflowing with the power of your love and help us know with open hearts and open hands ready to serve and learn. Amen!