When “Youth and Family” mean our homeless neighbors too

When I was called to be a director of youth & family faith formation – I knew that was an all-encompassing title – and could be a catch-all for lots of adventure. One of the easy adventures I have is the adults I serve with. Parents, Grandparents, loving members who understand how fun it is to serve. I haven’t yet run across a time when I didn’t have the adult guides i needed to “pull off” an event or something like that. (Getting kids teens involved is another issue but we’re getting there).

I serve a blessed church. Here’s why. Part of our mission as a youth ministry every month is to make/assemble/deliver 1 meal to a Safe House for teens who are experiencing homelessness. Approx 6 live in the house at a time – and are assisted by Lutheran Social Service of MN with life skills to cope with all the junk life has thrown their way… 1 meal, once a month. In the grand scheme of things, not that huge of a deal. But in Nov. & Dec. this year, those two Wednesdays fall on the day before Thanksiving and New Years Eve. And because this church understands “youth and family ministry” doesn’t just mean our own members, when I put out the call for families to help, within just hours I had both meals covered with thankful families who are happy for the opportunity to give to other teens in our neighborhood. Happy!