I got to attend my first Pride Festival – and i also got this awesome fake tattoo


Ahh, me the flag waver. The activist. The Enneagram 1 – Reformer. I was so blessed this year to be able to volunteer in the Reconciling Works tent (for affirming Lutherans) at the Twin Cities Pride Festival. I only wish i could have attended a lot more of it, and also been able to see the parade. Even tho I was only there for a few hours, I just wanted to record my observations, because it was quite a spiritual experience for me.

  • I was so impressed with the atmosphere. So friendly, so open, so fun. I don’t know what expectations i brought with me regarding that, but just everywhere I went, there were smiles and just this air of freedom.
  • I didn’t expect so many people! It was packed. (I have to include, just minutes after we left, the skies opened and it was a very horrible storm!) Also, awesome fashion. Everywhere, everyone dressing up in fun colors. That rocked.
  • I got free stuff! I wish i could have stayed longer and got more free stuff and had more conversations with people and got to see some of the shows.
  • I was also super impressed by the corporate tents – Target, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Human Rights Campaign… Very classy. Staffed well. Very friendly. 
  • Lots of dogs! My puppy should get to go next year. I’ll put a rainbow bandana on him!
  • Good food, everywhere!

I heard today from Outfront that there is an anti-LGBT church that was luring people into their building for a corn feed during the parade and then telling them they would go to hell bc of their orientation. But along with that news, Outfront also said that the hate groups were much less this year, and they were better prepared. 

The world is changing. It is. I am changing too. Becoming more open with how God made me and who God made me to be. We are not alone. Such a simple maxim, yet so powerful. We are also free. With freedom comes a heavy weight – the responsibility to help set others free, and to use your freedom which comes as a gift, as a blessing for others.


A “grave threat to human society” would be …ignorance and hate. Not love.

Those of us who believe that human flourishing depends upon the recognition and honoring of marriage as exclusively the union of a man and a woman see this transformation of marriage into something radically different as a grave threat to human society and human happiness.


Mohler also says, “same-sex marriage to be a moral impossibility…”


A CNN Belief article by this “reverend” boggles my poor mind. I’ll put “reverend” in quotes like he puts “gay marriage” in quotes. There’s many times lately i’ve had to resort to real words – WTF?

He calls marriage a “Christian’s nightmare?” Not for all of us, Rev. Mohler. Man alive, you are full of ignorance. You are full of the propagation of spreading fear to people who say they worship a God of love and compassion and victory. Shame on you.  

When life hands you unprofessional dog trainers, take your dog to Lake Calhoun


My puppy does okay walking on a leash. I’m the first to admit that I’m a perfectionist, so he’s got a lot of expectations to live up to. And, well, look at him. He lives up to them very well. He’s awesome. We walk about 2 miles everyday and occasionally he pulls on the leash. Not aggressively but enough to make it not always fun for me. I realize leash pulling is a matter of technique in the human – in conjunction with the appropriate collar. So, what I admitted is, I need help.

I signed us up for a 3-week leash pulling class with the same organization that we took Obedience I from. It was hard to find 3 weeks in a row of the same time chunk that I had free. In fact, I screwed that up – i don’t have 3 weeks free, I would have had to make 1 of the classes up. I wasn’t completely thrilled with Obedience I thru this company but i blamed it on the fact that I had Baxter less than one month and we didn’t know each other very well yet.

Well last night sucked. The trainer changed the location of the training (it was in a city i’m not familiar with) at the last minute. She showed up late, so all of us are waiting and the dogs are getting crazy anxious (if they were perfectly behaved they wouldn’t need to go to school) and my dog starts crazy barking (which he never ever does! I swear, i’m serious!) at this golden retriever who has severe anxiety issues and who first started barking like nuts back at him. 

Trainer shows up and is yelling at us to give our dog treats. Well that’s against my better judgment bc I don’t believe in rewarding insane behavior but what do I know. The dogs mildly calm down and then after she quickly takes attendance she says we’re leaving to go to a park…? Everyone get back in your cards and follow me? This was not part of the plan. We were at this training facility because of a rain threat, and it would have done just fine. But off we go and we got separated from the pack and after driving around lost, I just left. Very 

It’s been a weird week. I so badly want to enjoy a fleeting summer – I know summer hasn’t even officially began, but it goes by so fast and it’s so busy. In Minnesota, you get about 10 months of winter and maybe 2 months of summer. You know what I mean? It makes me anxious just thinking about not having one day to enjoy any part of it. I wanted to have planted some easy flower pots by now. And now i just don’t know when I will have time.

So I took Baxter to Lake Calhoun, which is a really pretty area in Minneapolis and we walked, on the leash, just fine. I praised him and told him he’s doing a good job. He deserved an adventure better than the one he got. I came home and cooled off, sent an email with my displeasure of the class and said I expect a full refund. 

If you’re reading this and are having a less than stellar week, know you are not alone. Just go take a walk. Enjoy an hour of your day. And don’t forget to ask for, no, expect refunds.