My unplanned pregnancy


Well i rescued a dog. This is my life’s most certain only “unplanned pregnancy.” He was at a high-kill shelter in Portsmouth, Ohio and brought to MN by fanatical rescue volunteer drivers who meet at checkpoints throughout the USA to save pups.

It’s been a wild adjustment… This was not entirely thought out on my part. I didn’t really have the money and I definitely could say I don’t have the time. Thankfully, he’s been very easy. Almost too easy. He is no trouble at all. I’ve left him home alone for 5 hours or so and he disturbs nothing in my little house. Chews on nothing (excpet his toys) and just hangs out. He has the bladder of a champion for a little guy. He doesn’t have a big appetite. He comes to work with me every day possible. Thankfully my church has a gym and we can run and play in there to burn off energy. 

God is teaching me many lessons through this. I’ve listened many years to the stories first time parents talk about. I know dogs are not kids, but well, he’s kind of mine. A big responsibility. Even though he’ll never learn to read, never get a driver’s licence, never go on a date, and never have a cell phone bill. These are plusses. I won’t have to take him clothes shopping (though when it’s 40 degrees below zero, I do put a sweater and booties on him. I’m not cruel). He won’t ever get a D on an exam. He may get his heart broken, and he might have some cuts and scrapes along the way. I’m gonna be here for him. And he does have to wear a seat belt.

Happy new year. God is creating and recreating. We are being made new. Sometimes God (life?) throws us curve balls and unplanned pregnancies. My prayer for 2014 is that I am faithful to that call. And for this little puppy, that he’ll bring many people much joy.